Christian ESL Program for International Students (Ages 5-12) in Canada

A Day in the Life


Overview of the ESL Programs

ESL learning happens all day and everyday at Strathroy Community Christian School (SCCS). Students are placed in full English immersion classrooms where they participate in daily educational activities with their peers.


Experienced classroom teachers and educational assistants work hard to ensure that international students understand their expectations and help them engage in learning at their appropriate academic level.


Our visiting students and resident students are mutually enriched when they participate together in social, educational and recreational activities that build cross cultural understanding and furthers language development. The many unique school experiences at SCCS create a nature environment for this development occur.


Along with our classroom support, our English Second Language program is custom-designed to help motivate international students to find success in their classrooms and with staff and peers.


In the Classroom

Three to five times a week ESL students have one -on-one and/or group lessons with the ESL teacher. These lessons focus on reading out loud, writing, comprehension, speaking, vocabulary, pronunciation and listening skills. These lessons are conversation based, as it is through conversation that students gain confidence to practice new skills and apply the English they have acquired so far. Students play games, write a newspaper, make presentations and use speaking, listening and writing opportunities to practice their English skills.


ESL lessons are designed to maximize each individual student's learning needs. Options include planning ESL lessons during French classes so that our international students can maximize their learning experience at SCCS.


Language Arts class is often modified so that international students can work at their own reading levels as they develop their skills. As much as possible, this is a collaborative effort between staff and student.

Collaborative Education

ESL staff works with  classroom teachers to ensure international students are supported each day in an optimal learning environment. SCCS advocates for students as well as families to ensure that every student has great days at SCCS and finds success within their classroom.


Our ESL program is unique as it provides community, support and learning that will build foundations and relationships to last a lifetime.

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