Christian ESL Program for International Students (Ages 5-12) in Canada

Annette Stephenson

Welcome to Strathroy Community Christian School! My name is Annette Stephenson and I have been involved in the ESL program at SCCS for the past four years. I have had the pleasure of meeting many new students and walking along side them as they learn English as their second language.


I feel very strongly that learning language should be conversation driven. Conversation is interactive, communicative and it promotes socialization. Conversation is really just language at work. When we speak to each other,  there is the opportunity to respond and the interaction that takes place from that response provides the necessary environment for learning.


 We all have things to say. As you learn language it is very important to provide opportunities where successful communication can develop. From this, confidence and determination grows.  Necessary skills are simultaneously taught in reading, writing, listening and speaking to offer the students what they need to find success in their classrooms.


I am thankful for the opportunities  I have in this role to encourage my students to develop their skills as English learners and experience success in their academic careers.





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