Christian ESL Program for International Students (Ages 5-12) in Canada

International Graduates

Strathroy Community Christian School (SCCS) is proud of its many international students who have attended and graduated from our school.


Please read the following biographies about some of our graduates' experiences to get a first-person view of life at SCCS.


“The teacher is awesome! Making our own newspaper, playing ‘Spot it’ and presenting in front of the whole school on Korean Day. It is the best school ever!”




“I liked reading and playing board games. I learned how to write a letter. SCCS ESL is more fun than other programs. It helps me to learn English. Thank you for teaching!”





 “My teachers have good manners. I don't know Canada well, but I think SCCS is better than Korean schools. Our teacher was very fun and she can understand what I’m saying in Korean.”




“I liked improving and get better very quickly.  I liked making newspapers at SCCS. I have never made a newspaper or did special projects like that in other English study programs. The ESL program helped me a lot and that I learned tons of new words.”





Testimonials edited for space and legibility.

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